Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The End

I bought a 20's tonight to cater my agony and anguish. I walk the solemn streets just to learn that i am rejected and isolated. I chose sinister, menacing lullabies as a good companion, for the time being. I stood long in front of a mirror and said, "no. This is not me. Zhaf is not like this." Hopeless i felt for the futile efforts i indulge in months aback. Am i stupid? Partly yes. Feeble suits me better perhaps. Brilliant? Intelligent? Never was but always will be. I am lazy. Apathetic. Yes that's me. So can a cow actually fly as how a bee flies?

MOCK, TEE? The only ticket to success i would say. Lose these, i fall. Fall and it'll be the end for me. The end draws near for how i see it. And its imminent. Nevertheless, there's uncertainties. Fate is decided but it can be well turned over. Burning the midnight oil is certainly what eveybody's doing. The end is not upon them, they've decided. I too would've wanted to do the same. Yes, 'would've wanted'. But its too late!! Applics was not something to grieve upon. But Calculus? Physics?!? Oh fuck! What was i thinking?!? I went gaga over these subjects during secondary school! Why can't now? How is it so different with the secondary's? Oh well, maybe i should go for another butt. Its just too lame to unstress just by typing.


  1. okay, relax and cool. no worries, everything will be just fine. for now, don't be too stressed. it's unfair for you and your loved ones if you just give in after all you've done for the past months

    chill and cheers! = )

  2. oit zhaf! gileerrrrrr zhaf ade blog!! XD

  3. oi, 20's, baik bukak mulut belakang train =D